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In each of his books, Talbot blends remarkable insight into the Bible with a clear vision of how it intersects with people's lives. He understands the problems we face, the fears we have, the ways we need to be challenged, and the hope we need to see. Through his writing, he helps us recognize how the good news of Jesus speaks into all of these situations. By lifting up examples of ordinary people living out their faith, he encourages and inspires us to live out our faith with greater joy and purpose. His clear passion for Christ and God's people shows up in every chapter.

We are excited to work with him on sharing his message with small groups everywhere.

Head Scratchers

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Buzz about Head Scratchers

    • "The New Testament teaches us that Jesus is the image of the invisible God. And yet most of us along the way succumb to the subtle temptation to create Jesus in our own image. Talbot Davis has wisely, creatively and boldly called us out in this: the teachings of Jesus are complicated and demanding, and yet they are the way that leads to life." ~ Ken Carter, resident bishop, Florida Area, United Methodist Church
    • Talbot Davis finds the "hard sayings" of Jesus to be not so much difficulties to be avoided as opportunities for us to encounter a new and more exciting Jesus than the domesticated and safe Jesus we often construct for ourselves. In these studies of Jesus' "head-scratching" teachings Davis combines careful interpretation with compelling insights for contemporary appropriation. These are engaging, reliable, enlightening, and thoroughly accessible studies. Highly recommended. ~ David R. Bauer, Ph.D., Ralph Waldo Beeson, Professor of Inductive Biblical Studies Dean of the School of Biblical Interpretation, Asbury Theological Seminary
    • With pastoral prowess,Talbot Davis uncages the hard sayings of Jesus. Read this book to draw close to a wild and loving Savior. Read this book to be trained for a lifetime of Scripture study. ~ Will Mancini, founder of Auxano, author of Church Unique.

Shadow of a Doubt

The Calm Before the Storm

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