Short-Term: Psalms

Make a deeper connection to the world of the Psalms so that these well-known Scriptures can help you give voice to all aspects of our human experience––joy, faith, uncertainty and sorrow.

During the weekly video segments, experience a varied presentation of individual psalm texts, including dramatic reading, music, dance, and images. Listen to insights into specific psalms presented by one of two biblical scholars through an informal, roundtable conversation format.

This study is an ideal experience for adults who are interested in the practice of prayer and worship and would like to connect prayer practice with Scripture. The study is accessible for adults with little prior Bible experience.

1.   Word of God, Words of Prayer
2.   The Prayer Book of God’s People
3.   Praying the Psalms
4.   The Language of the Heart
5.   A Geography of the Imagination
6.   A Theology of the Imagination
7.   Lament (and Praise)
8.   Grace and Repentance
9.   Love and Wrath
10. Hallelujah and Amen

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