Short-Term: Genesis

This study takes groups into the rich tapestry of Genesis, exploring the interaction between God and very human people––pride, family relationships, conflict, and journey all showcase the best-known stories of Creation, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Rebekah, and Joseph.

The video reflects the drama of the Genesis stories, first with selected text dramatized by an actor, and then study writer Peter Enns interviews a scholar to help unpack the meaning and the mystery in the stories.

This is an excellent choice for adults with strong biblical background from Sunday school or personal study. DISCIPLE Bible study participants who want more focused time with ten full weeks on Genesis will be good candidates for this study.

1. The Beginning...and What Went Wrong
2. Another Beginning: The Flood...and What Went Wrong
3. Another Beginning: Abraham and the Patriarchs
4. Abraham and a Glimpse to the Future
5. The Promise Fulfilled: Isaac
6. Another Beginning: Jacob and the Uneasy Birth of a People
7. Jacob: The Struggle Continues
8. Another New Beginning: Joseph and the Family of Israel
9. The Trek Into Egypt
10. An End and Another Beginning: Israel’s Story

Experience required: Moderate


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