Adult Bible Studies Fall 2020 Teacher

Adult Bible Studies Fall 2020 Teacher


By David N. Mosser Published
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A comprehensive Bible study plan and spiritual practices to deepen your relationship with God!

Fall Theme:

This fall, our lessons support the theme of "Encounter." The writer of the student book lessons is Chuck Aaron; the teacher book writer is David Mosser.

So That You Can See
The lessons in this unit help us focus on salvation and what it means through example and explanation. We move from the conversion of Paul to a number of Paul's writings, where he speaks out of his thoughtful understanding of salvation through Christ and out of his personal experience of receiving Christ. We are challenged to consider our own salvation and how we can live faithfully into it.
Spiritual Practice - Mindfulness, Listening, Silence

Remember Who You Are
The lessons in this unit call us to consider who we are as children of God and followers of Christ. At the heart of who we are lies the important concept of covenant. The covenant that God made with Israel is a defining theological affirmation of the Old Testament. The covenant that God made with the church through Christ's blood is a defining theological affirmation of the New Testament. These lessons help us look more closely at those critical covenants and how they inform our thoughts, actions, and relationships.
Spiritual Practice - Confession

In This Place
The daily readings in this unit call us to think more deeply and specifically about worship by looking at places where, in the Scriptures, worship takes place. We will look at ad hoc altars, synagogues, the church, and worship at the throne of God. In each case, we will be challenged to evaluate our worship and broaden our understanding of where and how worship can happen.
Spiritual Practice -Worship

Hundreds of thousands of people each week have transformative encounters with God through Adult Bible StudiesBible-based, Christ-focused Sunday school lessons and midweek Bible studies endorsed by the Curriculum Resources Committee of the The United Methodist Church. In fall 2019, based on feedback from hundreds of readers, we made exciting changes designed to benefit Bible study groups. For 2020, in response to additional feedback, we are reintroducing printed focal Bible passages in both the Student and Teacher books. Lessons follow the church seasons, including Advent and Lent, and include suggestions for developing spiritual practices to help nurture your faith.

Published quarterly, each week's Teacher Book provides small-group leaders with additional biblical background and exposition and suggestions for guiding group discussion.

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