Stories Jesus Told DVD

Stories Jesus Told DVD

How to Read a Parable

By Greg Carey Published
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Learn how to read, interpret, and understand the parables of Jesus.

The parables of Jesuslike the Good Samaritan, the Prodigal Son, and the Laborers in the Vineyardmake up the most distinctive element of his teaching and are essential to our common memory of Jesus. However, almost all of them open themselves to multiple interpretations, leaving interpreters to scratch their heads and argue with one another for centuries.

In this book, Greg Carey explores six of Jesus stories to understand how to read them, interpret them, and understand what they mean for our own lives today.

The six-session DVD features Greg Carey guiding participants through the study. The video sessions are approximately 10-12 minutes in length and, when combined with the six book chapters, make an ideal six-week group study. All videos sessions are closed captioned.