Made for a Miracle [Large Print]

Made for a Miracle [Large Print]

From Your Ordinary to God's Extraordinary

By Mike Slaughter Published
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Use your God-given gifts and talents to become part of God’s miracles.

At some time in our lives, most of us have prayed for or hoped for a miraclean event that seems impossible but is brought about by God's transcendent power. But when miracles occur, did you know that you have a role to play?

If that's true, what's the catch? What do we have to do? What's it going to cost us?

Popular author and pastor Mike Slaughter examines the two components of every miracle: divine action and human responsibility. For a real miracle to take place, we must act with God, using whatever gifts, talents, and abilities we have and directing them toward Gods work. We need to follow the examples of Mary in the birth of Jesus, Jesus followers when he healed them, and Jesus disciples after he rose from the dead.

This Lent, use your God-given gifts and talents for Gods glory, and get ready to be made for a miracle.

Additional components for this six-week study include a comprehensive Leader Guide and a DVD featuring author and pastor Mike Slaughter.