Wind in the Wilderness

Wind in the Wilderness

A Lenten Study From the Prophets

By DJ del Rosario Published
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Living into God’s vision of justice

Though we cannot see the wind, we know it by its effects and interpret it by its results. The same can be said for the work of the Hebrew prophets, who communicated God's vision of justice and faithfulness throughout the history of God's people. As they spoke of this vision, the wind was moving, giving us a hint of Jesus who was to come. This study focuses on the Hebrew prophets and their message of justice, calling readers to turn their attention to issues of justice in today's world. Each chapter explores a different prophet or prophets, highlighting how God's word through them challenged the Israelite peopleand usto live out God's vision of justice. These prophetic messages find their fulfillment in the life and ministry of Jesus, preparing the way for his teaching, healing, death, and resurrection. Readers will not merely study prophecies about Jesus, but will explore the continuity between the prophetic emphasis on justice and Jesus' proclamation of the kingdom of God.

This Bible study is designed to be used by individuals and small groups during the season of Lent. In addition to the main content, each chapter offers questions for reflection and discussion, a brief prayer, and a focus for the week. The weekly focus emerges from the chapter content and encourages the readers to engage a spiritual practice or do something specific that will help them grow in faith.

People are talking about DJ and Wind in the Wilderness.

DJ Del Rosario is a thoughtful and gifted leader and Wind in the Wilderness, reflects that thoughtfulness. In it DJ takes readers on a meaningful and inspiring Lenten journey with the prophets, one that will touch your mind and your heart.

Adam Hamilton
Pastor and author of Creed: What Christians Believe and Why

DJ del Rosario is one of the young anointed Leaders in the U.S. that I have been following for some time. I will be using his book for my own personal Lenten journey.

Mike Slaughter
Pastor and author of Down to Earth: The Hopes & Fears of All the Years Are Met in Thee Tonight.