Who Is My Neighbor? Student Manual

Who Is My Neighbor? Student Manual

Learning Spanish as Church Hospitality

By Joyce Carrasco, M.T.S., Ngoc-Diep Nguyen, Ph.D., Ruth Cassel Hoffman, Ph.D. Published
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Learning Spanish as church hospitality.

Who Is My Neighbor? is a field-tested resource through which English speakers of any church and congregation can learn basic Spanish-speaking skills to be able to communicate and provide a welcoming atmosphere to the Hispanic communities surrounding them.

The six-session resource developed by the Northern Illinois Conference covers basic conversational Spanish, and simple and easy to follow Spanish-language worship material. The program encourages openness toward Spanish-speaking neighbors, understanding of different cultures, and compassion for those who struggle to learn English.

This resource is easily implemented by congregations of any size, and it results in a program of hospitality that will help include Hispanic communities in your church congregation.