Faith from the Back Side

Faith from the Back Side

A Different Take On What It Means To Believe

By J. Ellsworth Kalas Published
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Popular author J. Ellsworth Kalas opens new insights on the subject of faith.

In his popular series of books "From the Back Side," J. Ellsworth Kalas looks at Christian topics through a new lens, takes unique starting points on those subjects, and uses creative re-telling from different points of view.

In Faith from the Back Side, Kalas explores something that is central in a Christian life but often difficult to understand.

"We exercise faith every day, in hundreds of secular moments, then struggle to find it in its purest form when we need God’s help the most. The back side, indeed! Sometimes it’s the only side of faith we can seem to approach. Yet faith is nearer than our hands or feet, and more real than the air we breathe. It’s time we learned more about it."
(J. Ellsworth Kalas, adapted from the foreword)

A discussion guide is included for small-group use.