What I Learned When I Was Ten

What I Learned When I Was Ten

Lessons that Shaped My Life and Faith

By J. Ellsworth Kalas Published
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When Did Your Faith Story Begin?

In this book popular author J. Ellsworth Kalas reflects on the tenth year of his life, and how that one special year shaped him and his Christian faith in so many important ways. He shares stories about what it was like growing up in Iowa during the days of the Great Depression, and he remembers the people, places, and events of those times that continue to have an impact on his life to this day.

The author invites readers to think about their own life journeys and faith stories at the same time, and he explores several key themes, including the importance of connecting with your past, salvation, hearing God’s call, living life with urgency, self-worth, investing and giving wisely, discovering the richness of the Bible, having confidence in God’s promise, and looking back over your life to make sense of all the lessons you have learned. The book includes a discussion guide.

J. ELLSWORTH KALAS has been part of the faculty at Asbury Theological Seminary since 1993, after thirty-eight years as a United Methodist pastor and five years in evangelism with the World Methodist Council. He has been a presenter on Disciple videos, is the author of the Christian Believer study, and has written more than thirty books, including the popular “Back Side” series, The Thirteen Apostles, and Longing to Pray: How the Psalms Teach Us to Talk with God.