Some Things Are Too Good Not to Be True

Some Things Are Too Good Not to Be True

By James W. Moore Published
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James W. Moore says that God wants good things for his children, but that, tragically, our society has become strangely suspicious of the "good." We are quick to say, "It's too good to be true."

In this uplifting book, the author reminds us that some things are too good not to be true! These things are the most authentic qualities of life; qualities exemplified in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. Using Scripture and illustrations from life's experiences, James W. Moore shows us how to follow Jesus' example and make these qualities our own.

This is a re-issue of a Jim Moore general interest book. It includes twelve chapters, a chapter-length epilogue, and a study guide by John Schroeder.

Someone I know was telling me how her life had recently taken a turn for the better. Everything is going great now! she said. Its too good to be true! No, I replied, its too good not to be true! Thats the way God wants life to begood, beautiful, productive, harmonious, happy. Even though its often in our nature to be suspicious of the good, the real truth is that God wants good things for his children.

When Johns Gospel refers to Jesus as the Way, the Truth, and the Life, it means that we see in Jesus life as God intended it, the life of goodness. The Roman centurion saw the truth when he looked up at Jesus hanging on the cross and proclaimed, Truly this man was the Son of God! Could it be that this was his way of saying: This man was so good, so authentic, so genuine, that he must be true, he must be Gods Son, Gods Word made flesh, Gods idea lived out! Jesus was true to what God meant life to be. He has to be true. He was too good not to be true, and there are a number of qualities he taught us that are so good, they must be of God.

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