Focal Bible passages are back and a new commentary is coming!


—In Response To Your Feedback—

FOCAL BIBLE PASSAGES - We’ve reintroduced printed Focal Bible Passages in both the Student and Teacher Books.


  • answer important faith questions.
  • include suggestions for developing spiritual practices that nurture your faith.
  • follow the seasons of the Church Year, including Advent and Lent.
  • provide brief introductory articles that explain historical and biblical context.

EASY-TO-READ TYPE - We’ve also received questions about the font size used in the Student Book. While the book size matches the previous regular-print Student Book, it is printed with a large font for ease of reading.


Adult Bible Studies Concise Commentary Sept. 2020–Aug. 2021
Designed for readers who seek a solid biblical basis for each session of Adult Bible Studies, this annual resource contains all the focal Bible passages used in each session, along with insightful biblical commentary, unit introductions, and pronunciation guides for Bible names and places. Printed in a larger font for ease of reading.

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