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During this time churches are making tough decisions about how to remain close as a faith community when they can’t gather together for worship, Sunday school, and small groups.  We understand how important it is for Sunday school classes and small groups to stay connected and want to help keep those connections strong. That is why we are offering free digital resources for you to share and use in your congregation. Below you will find helpful articles, studies, blogs, and more. Check back weekly for new resources and sign up for our weekly newsletter to stay informed!

So You Want to Start a Bible Study Group
Making the Most of Online Small Groups
How to (Simply) Launch a Livestreaming Service this Week
Discipleship Ministries: Elevating Adult Ministry
Discipleship Ministries: Who Am I as a Teacher?

With the winter quarter, we have transitioned to our new Concise Bible Commentary! Purchase it here).

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Reflections from a United Methodist Pastor
Read this week's reflection from Belton Joyner here!

In spite of the COVID-19 pandemic and the fact that we cannot gather in person for Bible study, many groups are continuing to meet using video and audio conferencing technology. These PowerPoint files provide the Scripture text (you may choose CEB or NRSV translation) and questions for teachers and class facilitators to use as you meet. You should be able to display the slides through your videoconferencing platform.

January 24th Scriptures
CEB Version - PowerPoint
NRSV Version - PowerPoint

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More than a Bible app. More than a devotional. Connected Faith is a daily devotion and weekly group study app. One month of content is available free when you create an account. Download the Connected Faith at the app store of your choosing!


FaithLink's ready-to-use lessons connect faith to the issues and events making headlines every day.

Race and Excessive Police Force
The deaths of unarmed African American males continue to raise questions about race and the use of excessive force by police. How do we have meaningful conversations when opinions are so polarized in the wake of these high-profile incidents? How can our Christian witness offer healing and hope?

Death and Dying
Death is an essential part of the human experience, and yet it’s one of the most difficult things for people to talk about. How can we confront this conversation without fear? How should people of faith approach the reality of death?

Universal Basic Income
In recent years, technological and economic changes have led several world leaders to consider the idea of a universal basic income (UBI). What is UBI? What are the issues around UBI? How does our faith influence our understanding of UBI and the value of work?

A recent study revealed that nearly half of Americans report feeling sustained loneliness. What are the root causes of loneliness? How does being lonely affect our overall health? What can the church do to address this epidemic of loneliness?


Daily Bible Study delves daily into the Bible and includes a devotion. Read the spring edition online.

This unique magazine tailored for older adults is both a leisure-reading magazine and a personal Bible study. It highlights articles on wellness, family, community involvement, and spiritual development. The magazine focuses on living in Christ rather than aging in place. Read the spring edition online.

Caring for Those Without Digital Access
Christian Living in the Mature Years and Daily Bible Study are good resources to print at church and deliver, if allowed, to persons in nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities, and homebound.


A show that promises to do exactly what the title says: talk about the Bible. Rachel Hagewood and Ben Howard take an in-depth look at a different concept from the Bible. They'll read Scripture, talk theology, bounce ideas off of each other, and do their best to make you think and make you laugh. In between these biblical deep-dives, Rachel and Ben will be joined by guests to explore these concepts from a different, and occasionally unusual, angle. Concepts match the unit themes of Connected Faith, Adult Bible Studies, Lecciones Cristianas, and Bible Lessons for Youth.

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A fresh, timely, and biblically-based resource, LinC helps you help your teens examine relevant faith and life issues, using the latest music, movies, news, and current events.

Bad News
Depression and Anxiety
Stressed Out
Why Worry?

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