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During this time churches are making tough decisions about how to remain close as a faith community when they can’t gather together for worship, Sunday school, and small groups.  We understand how important it is for Sunday school classes and small groups to stay connected and want to help keep those connections strong. That is why we are offering free digital resources for you to share and use in your congregation. Below you will find helpful articles, studies, blogs, and more. Check back weekly for new resources and sign up for our weekly newsletter to stay informed!

Permission is granted to those who purchased the spring quarter of Adult Bible Studies, Daily Bible Study, Lecciones Cristianas, or Bible Lessons for Youth to photocopy and use the curriculum in livestreams and posts to private sites for use by your local church through May 31.

Permission is also granted to those who bought the spring quarter of Deep Blue Connects, One Room Sunday School, or Bible Story Basics to photocopy and use the curriculum in livestreams and posts to private sites for your children and families to enjoy through May 31. The only part we don’t own (and can’t give permission for) is the music.

So You Want to Start a Bible Study Group
Making the Most of Online Small Groups
How to (Simply) Launch a Livestreaming Service this Week
Discipleship Ministries: Elevating Adult Ministry
Discipleship Ministries: Who Am I as a Teacher?

We are making the spring quarter videos from our most popular quarterly series free and accessible through Amplify. This spring, our lessons support the theme of "Life." Watch >

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In spite of the COVID-19 pandemic and the fact that we cannot gather in person for Bible study, many groups are continuing to meet using video and audio conferencing technology. These PowerPoint (or PDF) files provide the Scripture text (you may choose CEB or NRSV translation) and questions for teachers and class facilitators to use as you meet. You should be able to display the slides in the PDF through your videoconferencing platform.

July 12 Scriptures
CEB Version - PowerPoint
NRSV Version - PowerPoint

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FaithLink's ready-to-use lessons connect faith to the issues and events making headlines every day.


Opression and Justice
In the wake of damaging wildfires in recent years, some Native Americans have been working to reclaim practices that helped protect the land for thousands of years. Why were these and many other traditions suppressed? What can the experience of Native Americans teach us about injustice and oppression? How can we as Christians help create a more just world?

Questioning Hell
The movie Come Sunday depicts a pastor's rejection of the doctrine of hell. What does the Bible say about hell? How does the doctrine of hell shape our relationships with God and with other people? How important is belief in hell as a part of our Christian faith?

Additional Issues

Race and Excessive Police Force
The deaths of unarmed African American males continue to raise questions about race and the use of excessive force by police. How do we have meaningful conversations when opinions are so polarized in the wake of these high-profile incidents? How can our Christian witness offer healing and hope?

Deception and Truth
Differing concepts of truth and deception have always shaped our cultural and political conversations. During this time of Advent, what can we learn from the birth narratives of Jesus about both truth and deception? As Christians, how do we recognize deception and embrace truth?

Death and Dying
Death is an essential part of the human experience, and yet it’s one of the most difficult things for people to talk about. How can we confront this conversation without fear? How should people of faith approach the reality of death?

Violence and Peace
Throughout the 1990s, wars and ethnic conflicts ravaged the former state of Yugoslavia until a peace agreement was finally reached. What can these conflicts and their aftermath teach us about the nature of violence and peace? As Christians, how do we strive for peace in the face of violence?

Caring for Widows
The Bible encourages us to care for the widows in our communities. Why does Scripture pay special attention to widows? How have the experiences of widows changed over time? How can the church respond to their needs?

Climate Change and Love of Neighbor
A recent report released by an international panel of scientists addresses the consequences of climate change in the next two decades. What consequences does the report highlight, and how will they affect people throughout the world? How does Jesus’ call to love our neighbor guide the ways we respond to climate change?

Universal Basic Income
In recent years, technological and economic changes have led several world leaders to consider the idea of a universal basic income (UBI). What is UBI? What are the issues around UBI? How does our faith influence our understanding of UBI and the value of work?

Vaping and Panic
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 47 deaths have been linked to vaping. What is the cause of these deaths? What has been the public response? As people of faith, how do we respond to events like this that cause public concern?

Fantasy and Faith
From the silver screen to streaming services, fantasy stories dominate popular culture. Why do audiences find fantasy so appealing? What value does it provide beyond entertainment? How can fantasy help us grow in our faith?

Preppers and Faith
FEMA recommends that households have ten days of supplies on hand in the event of an emergency, but many “preppers” prepare for much longer. What are the benefits of preparing in advance for an emergency? What are the downsides? What role does Christian faith play in emergency preparedness?

Over the past several years, the enneagram has risen in prominence and has become a popular tool. What is the enneagram? What are its origins, and why has it become so popular? How can it be used as a resource for spiritual growth?

As the number of elderly increases in our society, family members are faced with the reality of finding ways to care for them. What are some of the struggles and questions that they face? How can communities of faith support those involved in the decisions that must be made?

Pet Therapy
Pet therapy is a popular resource in health care and other settings. What are the benefits of pet therapy? How are animals trained to aid in healing and comfort? What can Christians learn about compassion from therapy animals?

The outbreak of a new coronavirus that began in China in December is now spreading around the world. What are the symptoms of this virus, and what effect is it having globally? How can churches and people of faith prepare for this outbreak and help those who are suffering from it in their communities and beyond?

A recent study revealed that nearly half of Americans report feeling sustained loneliness. What are the root causes of loneliness? How does being lonely affect our overall health? What can the church do to address this epidemic of loneliness?

Daily Bible Study delves daily into the Bible and includes a devotion. Download the spring edition or read online.

This unique magazine tailored for older adults is both a leisure-reading magazine and a personal Bible study. It highlights articles on wellness, family, community involvement, and spiritual development. The magazine focuses on living in Christ rather than aging in place. Download the spring edition or read online.

Caring for Those Without Digital Access
Christian Living in the Mature Years and Daily Bible Study are good resources to print at church and deliver, if allowed, to persons in nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities, and homebound.

Selections from the weekly blog featuring content from Christian Living in the Mature Years magazine's editors with a Bible lesson at the end of each post.

The Street Vendors
Inspiration from the Issue: Quiet and Meditation

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A show that promises to do exactly what the title says: talk about the Bible. Rachel Hagewood and Ben Howard take an in-depth look at a different concept from the Bible. They'll read Scripture, talk theology, bounce ideas off of each other, and do their best to make you think and make you laugh. In between these biblical deep-dives, Rachel and Ben will be joined by guests to explore these concepts from a different, and occasionally unusual, angle. Concepts match the unit themes of Connected Faith, Adult Bible Studies, Lecciones Cristianas, and Bible Lessons for Youth.

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In This Together LTATB Video/Podcasts
May 5, 2020
Rachel and Ben discuss the idea of creativity during a pandemic. What does creativity offer us in difficult times? What does it mean to be creative? How does our creativity reflect the image of God and how does it unite us with one another?  (This conversation is based on the FaithLink issue "Creativity in a Pandemic" by Jill Johnson. Purchase for use with your virtual small groups here.)

April 27, 2020
Rachel and Ben talk about the struggles of various relationships during this pandemic. They explore different strategies for coping with uncertainty and stress in relationships and talk about how our need for connection makes this all so much more vital during this time.

April 24, 2020
Ben talked to Jill Zimmer, a chaplain at St. Thomas Hospital in Nashville, Tennessee, about pastoring to patients, families, and healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

April 20, 2020
Ben and Rachel discuss how we are all collectively grieving during this time in both big and small ways. They discuss what it looks like to grieve collectively, the concept of anticipatory grief, and how the laments found in the Bible can help us navigate this experience together. (This conversation is based on the FaithLink issue "Grief" by Lyndsey Medford. Purchase for use with your virtual small groups here.)

April 16, 2020
This morning Ben talked with Laura Brekke Wagoner, a chaplain at Davis & Elkins College in West Virginia, about the work she is doing with college students during the COVID-19 pandemic and how colleges are adjusting to the needs of students during this time.

April 15, 2020
In today's interview, Rachel talks to Brittany Sky, lead editor of Children's Resources at UMPH, about her personal experience of being pregnant during the COVID-19 pandemic and the ways the virus has affected her birth plans and encounters with the health care system. They also talk a bit about the exciting resources being shared at Cokesbury Kids.

April 14, 2020
Rachel and Ben talk about unemployment in the time of COVID-19 and the financial, emotional, and social struggles people face when they are unemployed. They also discuss how churches and people of faith can work to support those who are struggling. (This episode is based off the current issue of FaithLink, "Unemployment" by Lyndsey Medford. Purchase for use with your virtual small groups.)

April 8, 2020
Today, Rachel talked with Amanda Diamond about her church's unique situation of entering the pandemic directly after experiencing a natural disaster, and the creative ways they are reaching congregation members to maintain community and connection during this time.

April 7, 2020
Rachel and Ben discuss isolation at Easter and how we can continue to be Easter people even when we can't gather together. (This episode is based around the FaithLink issue "Isolation" by Mike Poteet. Purchase for use with your virtual small groups here.)

April 04, 2020
Today Ben interviewed Alex Joyner, District Superintendent for the Eastern Shore District of the United Methodist Church, about how rural churches are adapting to COVID-19 and the unique struggles they face in light of the pandemic.

April 3, 2020
Ben and Rachel continue their series of video episodes today with a discussion about doomsday preppers and what it means to be prepared while also believing the God will provide. (This episode is based off the current issue of FaithLink, "Preppers and Faith" by Laura Brekke. Download free issue.)

April 2, 2020
Today Ben interviewed Kira-Austin Young, a priest in Nashville and former guest, about how COVID-19 has changed her role as a pastor and how she is adapting to these changes.

April 1, 2020
Today, Ben and Rachel are starting a series of video episodes about issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic. The first episode is about eldercare and how churches can help the elderly and those who provide care for the elderly during this time. (This episode is based off the current issue of FaithLink, "Eldercare" by Kira Austin-Young. Download free issue.)

We are making the spring quarter lessons available for the Lecciones Cristianas series free and accessible here. This spring, our lessons support the theme of "Life." A new lesson will be added each week.

Estamos ofreciendo las Lecciones Cristianas del trimestre de primavera de forma gratuita y accesible aquí. El tema de estas lecciones de primavera es "Vida". Se agregará una nueva lección cada semana.

Leccion 11 -10 de Mayo/Lesson 11 - May 10

Previous Lesson
Leccion 10 -3 de Mayo/Lesson 10 - May 3
Leccion 9- 26 de abril/Lesson 9 - April 26
Leccion 8- 19 de abril/Lesson 8 - April 19
Leccion 7 - 12  de abril/Lesson 7 - April 12
Leccion 6 - 5  de abril/Lesson 6 - April 5
Leccion 5 - 29 de marzo/Lesson 5 - March 29

A fresh, timely, and biblically based resource, LinC helps you help your teens examine relevant faith and life issues, using the latest music, movies, news, and current events.


Additional Issues
Depression and Anxiety
Bad News
A Soul in Disrepair
Stressed Out
Why Worry

Confirm is an easy-to-follow and fully customizable confirmation program that can be used in any church setting and with a wide variety of schedules. You have the option to schedule your lesson choices and the tools to organize your own confirmation program over the course of a school year, a 3-year span, or in any other way that meets your needs without having to purchase additional customizable content. Watch >

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