Q. Why did the site change from being only about Adult Bible Studies Curriculum?

We have always made small group studies available on AdultBibleStudies.com in the “Other Bible Study Resources” part of the site. With the refreshed design it allows Adult Bible Studies users to access all the great information you’ve come to expect, while also making it easier for anyone looking for other study resources to find what they need.

Q. Why do I need to register to access the site?

Everything on the site is viewable without logging into the site. However, to participate in the forums and order materials, individuals must register and set up a log on and password.

Q. I’m already registered for the current message board; do I have to register again? Why?

You will need to register for access to the new message board/forum. First, the current site was created in 2000(?) and we are limited in what we can “pull” from the site. Second and most importantly, you will want to set up the account yourself, because it will also enable you to purchase on the site. 

Q. Why do I want to give you my email address?

We will send out updates about the site and other helpful information gear to enhance your Adult Ministry.

Q. Are you going to sell my information to other companies?

We realize the privilege it is for you to trust us with your personal information. We will not sell your information.

Q. Are you going to fill my inbox with tons of emails about things I’m not interested in?

At the time you sign up for emails, you are given options of the emails you want to receive. We will not fill your inbox with emails on topics you’ve not requested, and because we know time is a very precious commodity, we will limit the number of emails we send on the topics you’ve selected.

Q. Is Adult Bible Studies available to readers with visual challenges?

Adult Bible Studies is available to readers with visual challenges through BookShare.org. In order to utilize the services of BookShare.org, persons must have certified disabilities and must become members of this site to use it. Churches can purchase memberships on behalf of their member(s) who need the service. There is a small one-time setup fee plus a modest annual membership fee. At this website, files are converted to computerized audio for download to CD or iPod, as well as to other audio devices (such as DAISY format). Braille is also available, as are some other options. Once individuals have a membership, they have access to thousands of titles in addition to ABS. Live-narrated audio for persons with certified disabilities is available from Audio Book Ministries at tapeministries.org.