Daily Bible Study Coming Next - Summer Quarter

Living in Covenant
Ruth | I Samuel | Matthew | Luke | Ephesians
This summer, Daily Bible Study presents a series of readings following the theme "Living in Covenant." Readings come from Old and New Testament texts. These daily readings, which prepare us for the 13 lessons in Adult Bible Studies, are written by Sue Mink, Christopher Momany, and Clara Welch.

A Fulfilled Covenant
Daily readings in this four-week unit focus on Jesus’ institution of the new covenant, his seal of the new covenant, the new covenant’s sacrifice, and how the new covenant unites our hearts in love.

A Heartfelt Covenant
This five-week unit features readings that focus on Jesus’ teachings about right attitudes, fulfilling the Law, loving one another, transforming love, and spiritual discernment.

A Personal Perspective
The daily readings in this four-week unit explore a covenant between friends,  a mother-daughter covenant, a covenant to marry, and how marriage is a covenant of mutual love.