Bookshelf: They Also Serve

by Rachel Mullen

Do you know someone who serves in an official capacity in your church? Have you ever wondered what the life of a bishop is like? Today's bookshelf pick is a collection of essays written by the spouses of Methodist and United Methodists bishops spanning nearly 80 years. Take a glimpse behind the stained glass with...

They Also Serve

by Jane P. Ives


Stories from the women and men who have served alongside Methodist and United Methodist bishops.

When a bishop is elected in The United Methodist Church, it is not only the one elected who is asked to serve but his or her spouse and family as well. Hear the stories of how Methodist and United Methodist episcopal spouses have adjusted to and navigated this life-changing journey. While dealing with the full range of human experience—births, deaths, relationship struggles, and illness—they also travel the world, participate in mission and ceremonies, meet interesting people, and stand up for justice. Through hardships, celebrations, and everyday struggles, these spouses find their own paths of ministry, answering the calls that are also placed upon their lives. In these ways and many others, they also serve.

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