by Andrea Murdock

Advent is the beginning of the Christian church liturgical calendar, so it’s time to create “Faithful New Year” resolutions! It’s not common to do it only a few days after Thanksgiving, but as you reflect on making Christ your King, commit to new ways of serving the Lord in your heart and in your life.


Make a list of at least ten actions you can take between now and the end of December to make your faith a priority in your life. How can you show others that you are living in a way that honors your King?


If possible, post the list in a space where you will see it frequently throughout Advent and Christmas. Take a moment each week to review the list and note how you are progressing in new spiritual practices. Also, add other ideas to the list throughout the weeks.


God, Ruler of my heart, I give my life to you. I worship you and glorify your Son, Jesus Christ. As a sign of faithfulness, may I speak and act in love this week. Amen.

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