Remember Who You Are

by Robert H. Spain

I have said it a thousand times.

  • To my children every time they left the house for travel.
  • To the church congregations I have been privileged to serve.
  • To those departing on mission trips.
  • To friends leaving on vacations.

I have probably overused the phrase, but remembering who we are is so important:

  • For God’s earliest covenant people, it was the glue holding them together.
  • For later Jewish communities it was the mezuzah on their doorpost.
  • For the Christian at the Communion table, it is the focus of the feast.

Sitting alongside new streams of water in Babylon, the Jewish exiles remembered.

“Jerusalem! If I forget you,
let my strong hand wither!
Let my tongue stick to the roof of my mouth
if I don’t remember you,
if I don’t make Jerusalem my greatest joy.”
(Psalm 137:5-6)

The Psalmist was adamant about remembering. As he saw it, remembering their homeland meant clinging to their identity. Don’t forget who you are—

You are a child of God. You are a living expression of Christ to the world. Remember it

  •          when you are driving,
  •          when you are alone and pondering your life,
  •          when you are with friends,
  •          when you are with your family,
  •          when life has its twists and turns.

Some would say, “You have been washed in the blood.” Others would say, “You have been made new. You are a born-again Christian.” However you want to express it, just remember it and live in light of it.


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