Let's Talk About Being a Voice for the Vulnerable

by Rose Taylor

Every week you’ll find different types of posts here on the ABS blog. Today’s post is for teachers, to encourage conversation and reflection in your Bible study group. Each “Let’s Talk About” activity can be used at any time during your meeting and lasts approximately 10-15 minutes.

Today, let's talk about...



Proverbs 31:8-9

Speak out on behalf of the voiceless, and for the rights of all who are vulnerable. Speak out in order to judge with righteousness and to defend the needy and the poor. —Proverbs 31:8-9



A recurrent theme in Scripture (both Old and New Testament) is that the people of God are meant to be concerned about justice for the marginalized in society. Those who are vulnerable and voiceless need others to intercede for them. The Book of Proverbs is classified as wisdom literature. A wise society will provide justice, defense, and a voice for those who are vulnerable. Christians are called to act with care and concern for others.


Questions to Discuss:

When have you failed to speak out on behalf of others? Why?

Have you ever defended the rights of others? How did it make you feel?

In what ways do you feel God leading you to act on behalf of others?

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