It's Me, O Lord

by Rose Taylor

Genesis 32–33 describe events leading to the reconciliation of Jacob and his twin brother, Esau. Jacob had manipulated and deceived his father to gain the birthright and blessing from Esau, who then vowed to kill Jacob. Jacob went to live with his Uncle Laban, who was also a manipulator and deceiver. After a big, nasty dose of his own medicine, Jacob began to mature spiritually. He realized that he must seek forgiveness from Esau, so he traveled with his large family and many possessions to attempt reconciliation with his brother, even knowing that Esau could take revenge on his family. The night before they were to meet, Jacob wrestled with the Lord. In the end, God changed Jacob’s name to reflect his change in character.


Are you wrestling with the need to be forgiven by a loved one? Are you struggling with a need to attempt reconciliation? Confess your sin to the Lord and ask the Lord to work in the situation, to give you the strength to humble yourself, and to ask the other person to forgive you.

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