Freed for Freedom

by Rose Taylor

Christ has set us free for freedom. Therefore, stand firm and don’t submit to the bondage of slavery again. --Galatians 5:1

Life abounds with situations, possessions, and habits that have the potential to enslave us. When we think of slavery, we usually think of something over which we have no control. Galatians 5:1 provides a different perspective. Read the Scripture verse above. Paul told the Galatians, and the message is passed on to us, that we do not have to submit to the bondage of sin. Christ freed us to live in freedom.

Often, we have been enslaved to sinful habits and situations so long that we begin to feel comfortable and familiar with the bondage. We may break away, determined to live life in the light of freedom—only to be drawn back into the darkness of bondage. Christ died not only to set us free from the bondage of sin but also so that we could live our lives in that freedom. As we celebrate our country’s independence and freedom, Christians also should celebrate how Christ sacrificed to gain our personal independence and freedom from the bondage of sin.

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