Finding Center

by Robert H. Spain

The Lenten season reminds us that life needs a center –some place to call home, some place that has a spiritual gravitational pull from all directions, some place to alleviate the hunger and thirsting of the soul, some place leading to new territories, some place offering peace to our daily pilgrimage. For those of us preparing for the celebration of the Resurrection, the center of life must be Jesus.


Jesus spoke of his life and the kingdom through recognizable and ordinary things. He illustrated truths through calling to their minds the small mustard seed, the sparrow in the field, the light being hidden under a basket, the lilies of the field, the lost coin and the need for a solid foundation.


As practicing Christians it may be that the time is near when we add some new dimensions and directions to the way we work and live. Perhaps the time is near when we discard some old habits and claim some new ones. Perhaps the time is near when we learn to walk in a different way and navigate a new system.

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