Fatherly Guidance

by Rose Taylor

Read 1 Samuel, chapter 3. Samuel was a youth who had been dedicated to God by his mother, in response to God answering her prayers to have children. Samuel’s parents brought him to the temple when he was very young to be raised by Eli the priest. Samuel would be called by God to be a prophet. One night, Samuel heard the voice of God giving him a message for Eli.

On that day, I will bring to pass against Eli everything I said about his household—every last bit of it! 13 I told him that I would punish his family forever because of the wrongdoing he knew about—how his sons were cursing God, but he wouldn’t stop them—1 Samuel 3:12-13

This passage is the message Samuel was given about Eli and his family. God was angry with Eli because he didn’t correct his sons. They were doing terrible, sinful things, including cursing God. God was going to punish Eli’s family because Eli did not correct and guide his sons.”

What reasons might Eli have had for not correcting and guiding his sons?

Why did the situation make God angry?

Should your father/father figure be responsible for your behavior?

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