Desperate Lies

by Rose Taylor

People often lie because they feel fearful, desperate, and vulnerable. They mistakenly think that lying will protect them from exposure and vulnerability. King David lied and practiced deception to keep from being exposed as an adulterer (2 Samuel 11–12). Abraham and Sarah lied to King Abimelech about being married out of fear for Abraham’s life (Genesis 20). Perhaps Ananias and Sapphira lied because giving all they had made them feel vulnerable to poverty (Acts 5:1-11). In each situation, lying only further complicated matters and resulted in negative (sometimes severe) consequences. Lies do not protect us from vulnerability and, in many cases, only increase that vulnerability. Lies also indicate a lack of trust in God.

Spend a few minutes reading the previous stories in the Bible.

Embracing the truth will lead us to a place of trust even in the midst of our fear and vulnerability. Trusting God means trusting in God’s love for us, God’s compassion for us, and God’s forgiveness. God understands our human vulnerability and desires to shelter us in the comfort and security of God’s presence. When we fail, we don’t have to hide behind desperate lies. We only have to embrace God’s truth.

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