Communicating with the Ground Crew

by Robert H. Spain

I’m fascinated by those tall spine-like cranes that now seem to have squatters-rights in downtown Nashville. By now, it would seem that I would be so accustomed to them that I wouldn’t notice them anymore. Here at work, I’ve lived with them in my front yard for years. I am intrigued by them. Today those dinosaurs–in-the-sky were roaming their territory helping to ferry tons of concrete to upper level floors. (Years ago, this would have required a battalion of persons pushing wheelbarrows up and down ramps.)

I wonder about the person perched up there in the crane’s nest. How did he get up there? Did he actually climb straight up the more than a hundred stairs? Did he do it all at once or did he program the ascent? After such an exhausting adventure, did he have the physical or emotional stamina to navigate the controls? And how did he get down? I’ve never seen anyone going up or coming down.

One thing I have noticed, there seems to always be good communication between the on-the-ground folks and the one orchestrating the powerful roaming arm above. The one in the little cubicle up above has control of unbelievable possibilities, but there is a need for the hands-on-ground folks to contribute to the accomplishment of the task.

Our minds can shape and mold any story into what we want it to be. I know that, but I cannot watch the construction crew without thinking about my cooperation with the working of God as a part of the ground crew. There is little I can do by myself, but I can be the on-site worker that God may need to make a difference. I hope I am that person.

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