Kim Montenegro


“Come, follow me.” As a Christian, these words ring in my ears.


“Come and follow me." These were Jesus first words to his first disciples. “Come and follow me.” I somehow always manage to put myself on the beach that day, and after inviting Peter and Andrew, Jesus looks casually in my direction, seeing if I’m in too. Our eyes catch, and if I am being truly honest, for a second, I hesitate. Quickly, my mind races to all the things I need to do that day. And, again, if I am being truly honest, I tell him:

“Yes! I’m in Jesus, really I’m in, but first let me move the laundry over, make dinner real quick, and make sure everything is settled. Oh yeah, I need to pick up around my house first. I can never leave on a trip without cleaning the house first. I’m really honored that you think I can do this, Jesus! What time do you want me to leave and follow you? I’m free at about 11 tonight, does that work for you?”


Peter and Andrew look over at me, nets in hand, surprised and disappointed all at the same time. I want to have the trust and spontaneity of Peter and Andrew, but honestly, I don’t. This scene makes me uncomfortable because I know that is sometimes how I approach my discipleship. I try to “fit it in.”


Often what we are seeking is a deep relationship with Christ, but we expect to get there with no struggle. We are reluctant to “drop our nets.” We settle for easy and routine when all the while, Jesus is calling us to a higher purpose.


What are you willing to drop at the shore along the beach and turn on your heels to follow Jesus? These choices to follow Jesus are not slow-motion scenes in a movie accompanied by a swelling music crescendo. Some of the decisions that matter most in our lives can slip by without our even noticing. The moments that Jesus is calling us into deeper discipleship with him are simple and sacred, ordinary and holy, in the midst of busy life.


Jesus is calling us to deep discipleship with him with sand everywhere, a list of things to be done, and not enough time.




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