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Many people don’t know where to start when it comes to teaching Sunday School, so today we enlisted the help of Erin Floyd. Erin is a Development Editor of Children’s Resources at the United Methodist Publishing House. She worked on a new book about teaching Sunday School, Teaching with Confidence. Here is Erin's advice:

Teaching with Confidence is a book for Christian educators, children’s ministers, Sunday school teachers, and volunteers. It was written by the editors of the children’s unit at The United Methodist Publishing House. This book was written with passion and enthusiasm to empower volunteers to be transformative guides in a child’s life and their faith development.

The book begins with an overview of the theology and methodology of writing meaningful curriculum and resources for children in our churches and other ministry partners. This resource explores the foundations, the layout, and the practical applications of our curriculum. It is an easy-to-use and adaptable training tool for educating yourself as a volunteer.

Sometimes volunteers forget their own significance in the life and faith development of a child. Volunteers are a loving presence for children and are an important influence in their faith formation. This resource is a guide for volunteers to feel more equipped to be spiritual mentors for children. In the book you will find helpful ways to use our curriculum, how to have meaningful conversations with children, easy to follow teaching tips, and more.

In the back of the book you will find a guide for volunteer training. There are two models you can use. The first model is an immersion experience into a typical Sunday morning classroom. This is a half day training which helps volunteers better understand a child’s experience while using our curriculum. It follows a typical lesson plan and includes scripture readings, hands on activities, reflection time, and a blessing. The second model is a book study. This encourages volunteers to read and study the book together through exploration and conversation. You might meet regularly over the course of a few weeks or months, or you may choose to have a one-time meeting to go over the book and how it is applicable to you and your ministry. This book study also includes reflection questions for each chapter to guide the conversation. Both models are adaptable to best fit your ministry setting.

Teaching with Confidence was written with intentionality. It is our hope that through well-equipped volunteers, children will enter into God’s story, learn the Bible, and become followers of Jesus. We believe it is important for volunteers to understand this meaningful role and to feel empowered to pass on their faith to children. We value your work and your ministry and we want you to teach with confidence!

You can get your own copy of the book by clicking here.


Today's blog was written by Erin Floyd. Erin is a Development Editor of Children’s Resources at the United Methodist Publishing House. Erin writes the Deep Blue Middle Elementary Curriculum, Navigate: A Bible Study Companion for Adults who care for Children, and  seasonal books. Before coming to The United Methodist Publishing House, Erin worked as a Christian educator and children’s minister in several United Methodist congregations in Oklahoma. Erin is a lifelong United Methodist and continues to connect and serve in local UM churches.

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