Bookshelf: Practical Prayer

by Rachel Mullen

Prayer is an important component of a Christian's walk of faith. Today's book pick takes advice from the Bible on how to use prayer to enrich your spiritual growth. Prayer was an essential part of Jesus' life, and this book will help make it an essential part of yours, as well.

Practical Prayer

by Joseph Yoo

On paper, praying seems easy enough. But, when we try to pray daily, we sometimes realize that it’s much harder than we’d thought. In fact, it’s usually easier to come up with excuses not to pray than reasons to pray. And the most common excuse seems to be the busyness of life. But a vibrant prayer life doesn’t have to be an elusive goal; because at its core, prayer is simply talking and listening to God. Using passages from both the Old and New Testaments, Joseph Yoo takes a look at how and why we pray, how to handle what we perceive to be unanswered prayer, and how to learn to hear and recognize God’s voice.

This book is part of the Converge series. Converge Bible Studies is a series of topical Bible studies. Converge can be used by small groups, classes, or individuals. Primary Scripture passages from the Common English Bible are included for ease of study, as are questions designed to encourage both personal reflection and group conversation. The topics and Scriptures in Converge come together to transform readers' relationships with others, themselves, and God.

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