Bookshelf: Outside the Gate

by Rachel Mullen

Christ beckons us to come outside the gates and travel a different path. According to the Epistle to the Hebrews, Christians are always to be on the move. Christians are to go voluntarily into a kind of exile and to become strangers and sojourners on this earth while doing God's will "outside the gate" of the mainstream society. Inspired by Hebrews 13:12-14, Bishop Sano examines this theme and its meaning for the original audience and Christians today.

Outside the Gate

by Bishop Roy I. Sano

The reference to “outside the gate” meant something very specific to Hebrew people and in this book for individuals or small groups you’ll find out exactly what that was…as well as what it tells us about our current life as Christians. Each of the seven chapters included in the study are divided into three parts; one section focuses on the original meaning, another section talks about how it relates to today’s world, and the third section provides discussion questions and activities.

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