Bookshelf: Learning to Study the Bible

by Rachel Mullen

For those of us who have been in Bible study groups for most of our lives, we may think we're experts on the matter. We've memorized our favorite verses and can recite the books of the Bible from memory, but we can always go deeper. For those who are new to Bible study and those who have studied the Bible since they could read, today's book pick has something to offer you.

Learning to Study the Bible

by L. J. Zimmerman

Anyone can understand the Bible with the right tools. And discovering those tools is the foundation of L. J. Zimmerman’s, Learning to Study the Bible. By the end of this eight-week study, you will have learned about biblical genres, historical contexts, the Revised Common Lectionary, and how to use resources including study Bibles, commentaries, and maps. Each session invites exploration, application, and practice; provides reflection questions; and includes a space to journal—all of which will strengthen your personal relationship with God.

Learning to Study the Bible is a study for adults, exploring the biblical history and methods of interpretations using the classic questions: Who? What? When? Where? Why? and How? The goal of Learning To Study the Bible is to equip participants to read and study the Bible for themselves. It seeks to deepens one's understanding of the biblical stories and to help participants grow in their biblical faith.

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