Bookshelf: Adult VBS

by Rachel Mullen

VBS for adults? You might be thinking "Wait. VBS is for children." And you are correct. However, did you know that many VBS programs have studies for adults, too? These studies offer a way for Sunday School classes of all ages to have a little fun in the summer months, just like the kids.

Today I sit down with Lucinda Sutton, Associate Editor of Vacation Bible School at the United Methodist Publishing House, to learn more about Adult VBS.


When is Adult VBS taught?
Anytime! Concurrent with kids’ VBS, for VBS leaders before or after kids’ VBS, Sunday School, night time Bible study, whatever.

As with all VBS curriculum pieces, this study is adaptable to fit any format or time slot as needed. We do hope to connect adults and students across the church as they are studying/learning the same stories and precepts, but at their own levels. There’s also an intergenerational activity included in each session to build those relationships. So the short answer from us is always: We know that every church, program, team, and gift set is unique, so make each session your own—and have fun with it!


Is the study for groups or can individuals study on their own?
Either or both!

What are the benefits of participating in Adult VBS?
The whole church benefits when they are sharing the same stories and key learnings. Kids feel affirmed/validated as full members by the adults, and adults can feel free to cut loose a little more and have fun! It can also serve as a ministry for parents or a reinforcement for the VBS leadership.


Could groups or churches that aren’t hosting a children’s VBS still benefit from the adult study?
Yes, VBS isn’t just for kids–and it is a worthy study even outside of the VBS construct.


Any other information you think might be helpful?
Another feature we try to work into all of our VBS pieces is inclusion of all learning styles. There’s something for visual learners, auditory learners, kinesthetic learners, introverts, extroverts…everyone!


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