Blooming in Winter

Every week you’ll find different types of posts here on the ABS blog. Today’s post is for individuals, to encourage personal reflection and Bible study.

Winters can be rough, especially if you are not used to them. Short, cold, gray, and oftentimes wet days filled with dead grass and leafless trees is enough to get most people down. I am of the opinion that it should be okay to keep Christmas lights up on your house all winter long to bring a little color and light to the dull days, but I may be in the minority on that one.

A few years ago I discovered a wonderful anomaly of a plant, a plant whose flowers bloom in winter, the Schlumbergera, better known as the Christmas cactus. When most other flowers have died or gone into hibernation, the Christmas cactus is just beginning to blossom. After months of waiting now is this plant’s time to shine. Little pink buds popping up all over, adding bits of color to an otherwise gray day.


For me, it has become the perfect little Advent and Christmas plant. A sign of hope while waiting for promised joy. In a season known for death, a celebration of new life.


Caring For Your Christmas Cactus (Indoors)

  • Keep them potbound in sandy soil or cactus potting mix.
  • Keep in bright, indirect light.
  • Water only when the soil is completely dry (check your plant at least once a week).
  • Provide some humidity to the environment (I set my plant on a plate filled with river rocks and fill it with water once per week)
  • Use a pot with drainage holes.
  • Keep the temperature above 70°F in the daytime, from 55°F - 65°F at night.

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Today's blog post was written by Steffie Misner Wampler. Steffie is a recent graduate from Vanderbilt Divinity School. During her last year, she interned with the United Methodist Publishing House writing and editing for the Teaching and Learning department. She loves a good story and can frequently be found reading or listening to audio books in her free time.



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