Angel City Chorale

by Katie Shockley

The 160-member Angel City Chorale (ACC) “reflects the spirit and diversity of Los Angeles in its membership, its music, and its outreach activities. Equally committed to good music and good deeds, ACC is dedicated to ‘Building Community One Song at a Time.’ ”1 Founder Sue Fink notes that the group is quite diverse in terms of religion, age, and ethnicity. “Even the Republicans [and] Democrats can sit next to each other in our group.”2 “Through the gift of song, donations, and volunteerism,” ACC supports a homeless shelter and food bank and hosts “music seminars at inner-city schools.”3 Members of ACC use their gifts and talents through an intentional sense of justice to make a difference in their community.


 “The image is to be clothed in Christ, that is, to look and appear but also to feel, respond, imagine, and exude the very grace and love of Jesus Christ within you.”4 Jesus Christ abides within us. From that place of his residence, we are to express and demonstrate God’s love for the world in Jesus Christ.


Looking at ACC, we see the image of Christ in the mix of genders, races, ages, religions, and physical abilities. We hear the glory of Christ through amazing music of various styles from around the world. We witness the work of Christ through their donations to various outreach organizations. We experience the work of Christ through their hands-on relationships within their hurting community. We delight in the justice of God through Jesus Christ that ACC lives out in our world.


  1. How different would our nation be if diverse populations could sit next to one another for the good of the community?
  2. Why is our outward appearance not enough to be the clothed image of Christ? How do you express and demonstrate Jesus Christ who abides in you?
  3. How does the Angel City Chorale practice justice? What lessons can other groups take from ACC about employing their gifts and talents to practice justice?



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