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Fall Theme:
This fall, Daily Bible Study presents a series of readings supporting the theme “Encounter.” Readings come from Old and New Testament texts. These daily readings, which prepare us for the 13 lessons in Adult Bible Studies, are written by Randy Cross, Gary Thompson, and Clara Welch.

So That You Can See
The daily readings in this unit help us focus on salvation and what it means, through example and explanation. We move from the conversion of Paul to a number of Paul’s writings, where he speaks out of his thoughtful understanding of salvation through Christ and out of his personal experience of receiving Christ. We are challenged to consider our own salvation and how we can live
faithfully into it.

Remember Who You Are
The readings in this unit call us to consider who we are as children of God and followers of Christ. Covenant is an important word in Scripture. The covenant that God made with Israel is a defining theological affirmation of the Old Testament. The covenant that God made with the church through the blood of Christ is a defining theological affirmation of the New Testament. Many of our
daily readings help us look more closely at those critical covenants and how they inform our thoughts, actions, and relationships.

In This Place
The daily readings in this unit call us to think more deeply and specifically about worship by looking at places where, in the Scriptures, worship takes place. We will look at ad hoc altars, synagogues, the church, and worship at the throne of God. In each case, we will be challenged to evaluate our worship and broaden our understanding of where and how worship can happen.

For individual reading
This daily devotional Bible study guide helps individuals develop the discipline of engaging with the Bible every day. Bible-based, Christ-focused, and United Methodist-approved, the daily readings support and lead up to the weekly lessons in Adult Bible Studies. Each one-page daily reading includes:

  • A focal Scripture
  • An introductory reflection question
  • Commentary on the biblical text
  • Life application
  • A concluding prayer

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Daily Bible Study is also available as a mobile app!
The DBS mobile app helps individuals on the go develop the discipline of engaging with and applying the teachings of the Bible to their lives. Each daily reading opens with a question to ponder, a reading and commentary on the daily Scripture passage, application to life, and a concluding prayer. The app also allows you to share content with friends via Facebook, Twitter, or email!

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