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Hundreds of thousands of students and teachers use ADULT BIBLE STUDIES each week in Sunday school classes, mid-week Bible studies, and other small-group settings. Bible-based and Christ-focused, it is an approved resource by the General Board of Discipleship of The United Methodist Church. It is published quarterly.  

Winter Theme


This winter, our lessons develop the theme of “Hope.” The writers of the student book lessons are Taylor Mills and Bruce Batchelor-Glader; the teacher book writer is Stan Purdum.

The Good News
These lessons continue a unit that began with the last Sunday in the fall quarter, encompassing the Sundays of Advent and the first Sunday after Christmas. They call us to consider the Incarnation and what it means that God sent Jesus into the world in human form, as one of us. Thus, the lessons invite us to think about the relationship God wants to have with us and how God’s sending Jesus makes that relationship possible.

The Hypocrites and the Holy
The lessons in this unit challenge us to examine ourselves in light of the examples we see in the individuals in Scripture. Where do we find instances of hypocrisy or holiness? And how do these tendencies contribute to or diminish our hope? Lesson 5 focuses on John the Baptist, preparing the way for Jesus, the hope of the
world. Lesson 6 tells of Jesus commenting on John’s ministry and announcing the good news. Lessons 7 and 8 help us think about how the hope Jesus brought functions in our lives. And Lesson 9 looks toward the ultimate fulfillment of that hope, with the full coming of the kingdom of God.

Holy Living
This unit embraces all the Sundays of February and March; and, as such, it continues into the next quarter. The eight lessons of the unit invite us to think about what it means to be the people of God and to pursue holy living. The four lessons in this quarter help us look at how we deal with one another; how faith is expressed action; the sort of “fasting” God wants from us (whether or not we abstain from certain foods); and how, in fact, Christians are the temple of God. During this unit, Lent begins, which is an especially appropriate time to think about holiness.

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Student and Teacher Books

Student Book

Each week’s lesson features:

  • A purpose statement offering focus and direction for the lesson
  • Printed biblical text from The Common English Bible
  • Reliable and relevant biblical explanation and application
  • A closing prayer, guiding personal commitment

Teacher Book

Both supplementary and complementary to the ADULT BIBLE STUDIES student book, the teacher book provides small-group leaders, teachers, and facilitators with additional biblical background and exposition and suggestions for guiding group discussion.

Each week’s lesson includes:

  • A purpose statement offering focus and direction for the lesson
  • Printed biblical text from The Common English Bible
  • Verse-by-verse commentary on the biblical text
  • Detailed lesson plans, questions, and small-group activities that aid teachers in leading their classes to deeper understandings and applications of biblical truths

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