Adult Bible Studies Coming Next - Spring Quarter

Discipleship and Mission
This spring, our lessons survey several calls to ministry and the expectations of those called. Several of the lessons highlight calls
to service as recorded in the Gospels of Mark and Luke. We explore Paul’s call to ministry, with special attention to the Roman church. On Easter Sunday, we examine Matthew’s account of the Resurrection. The student book writer is Taylor Mills; the teacher book writer is Gary Thompson.

Unite 1 - Call to Discipleship
The first unit offers four lessons and highlights several aspects of what it means to be called by Jesus as a disciple. They include hospitality, counting the cost, reaching the lost, and salvation for all people.

Lesson 1   March 3 Called to Humility and Hospitality Luke 14:7-14
Lesson 2    March 10 A Costly Call Mark 1:16-20; Luke 14:25-33
Lesson 3    March 17 Calling the Lost Luke 15:11-24
Lesson 4 March 24 Calling to Salvation Luke 19:1-10

Unit 2 - Call To Ministry
The five lessons in this unit explore the diverse ways in which Jesus’ disciples were challenged to exercise their call to ministry: by witnessing to the gospel message; acting with loving kindness; sharing the Resurrection story; and making new disciples through preaching, teaching, and baptism.

Lesson 5 March 31  Called to Discipleship Matthew 4:12-22
Lesson 6 April 7 Call and Mission Matthew 4:12-22
Lesson 7 April 14   Called to Remember Matthew 26:1-13
Lesson 8    April 21 Called to Proclaim the Resurrection Matthew 28:1-15
Lesson 9 April 28 Call and Commissioning Matthew 28:16-20; Acts 1:6-8

Unit 3 - The Spread of the Gospel
The four lessons in this unit begin with Paul’s introduction of himself to the Jewish and Gentile Christians living in Rome. Paul affirms that the call to salvation is to Israel and to Gentiles. This call to salvation is a call to a life in the Spirit and involves a new life in Christ.

Lesson 10 May 5 Called to Righteousness Romans 3:21-31
Lesson 11 May 12 Called to Life in the Spirit Romans 8:1-14
Lesson 12 May 19 The Call of the Gentiles Romans 11:11-24
Lesson 13 May 26 Called to New Life in Christ Romans 12:1-8