Adult Bible Studies Coming Next - Fall Quarter


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This fall, our lessons focus on God, what it means that we are created in God’s image, and what it means to worship God alone. The writer of the student book lessons is Clara Welch; the teacher book writer is Stan Purdum.

God, the Creator
Spiritual Practice - Mindfullness | Listening | Silence
This unit takes us through texts that help us discern what “Godness” is. The readings from Genesis present the Lord as the divineinitiator of the cosmos and as the creator of humankind. The Exodus text reminds us that God is not limited to what we can know of or imagine about God, and that mystery remains part of God’s nature. In Lesson 4, we learn about Wisdom as an essential part of who God is. And Lesson 5, invites us to consider Christ’s role with God in the world’s creation. These lessons encourage us to develop the spiritual practice of mindfulness.

In God’s Image
Spiritual Practice - Confession
This unit focuses on the human condition. Lesson 6 recalls the story of the sin of Achan, reminding us of the chasm sin imposesbetween ourselves and our Creator. Lesson 7 takes us to Psalm 51, which is a prayer that models the nature of penitence that asks God to bridge the breach caused by sin. Lesson 8 lets us hear Jesus talking about being born anew and how that provides entry into the kingdom of God. Lesson 9 takes us to a text in Romans, which enables us to consider what the redeemed life looks like. These lessons help us focus on the spiritual practice of confession.

Spiritual Practice - Worship
This unit unites around the theme “objects of worship,” with “objects” meaning not worship aids, such as candles and paraments, but those things we place ahead of God. In Lesson 10, we look at the first two of the Ten Commandments. Lesson 11 takes us to the story of the gold calf and gives us a chance to think about why we may deliberately choose to worship that which is not God. Lesson 12 reminds us that nothing we worship other than God can impart life. And Lesson 13 invites us to understand that the worship impulse is only satisfied when it is directed toward God. These lessons lead us deeper into the spiritual practice of worship.