Adult Bible Studies Summer 2017 Student - Regular Print

Adult Bible Studies Summer 2017 Student - Regular Print

By Derrick, Barbara A. Published
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God's Urgent Call
Exodus| Judges | Isaiah | Jeremiah | Ezekiel | Amos | Amos
This summer, lessons in Adult Bible Studies follow the theme, "God&'s Urgent Call."; This theme reminds us that God continues to speak to us through the written Word. God calls ordinary people from diverse backgrounds to make a difference. From the days of the judges to the prophets to the early church leaders, God called, and the faithful answered. The student book writer is Barbara Derrick. The writer for the teacher book is Gary Thompson.

Called to Be Strong
The first four lessons this quarter introduce the era of the judges. The Book of Judges continues the history of Israel after Joshua's death. God raised up a series of national leaders called judges. Empowered by God, judges delivered the people from their enemies.

Calling of Prophets
The five lessons in this quarter's second unit look at how God called various prophets at different times for specific purposes. Included in this unit are the calls and responses of Moses, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and Amos.

Calls in the New Testament
The final four lessons this quarter demonstrate that God continued to work through ordinary people. Their witness reminded the early church that God assures the success of those who will answer God's call. The unit highlights the calls of Stephen, Peter, Philip, Ananias, and Paul.

Hundreds of thousands of students and teachers use Adult Bible Studies each week in Sunday school classes, mid-week Bible studies, and other small group settings. Bible-based and Christ-focused, it is an approved resource by the General Board of Discipleship of the United Methodist Church. It is published quarterly.

Each week's lesson features:
  • A purpose statement offering focus and direction for the lesson.
  • Printed biblical text from The Common English Bible.
  • Reliable and relevant biblical explanation and application
  • A closing prayer, guiding personal commitment.

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Supplemental Resources
Free supplemental resources related to each lesson enhance teacher preparation and small group participation.

Current Events Supplement
The free Current Events Supplement offers a way to connect each week's lesson to a timely event or topic in the news. The supplements can enhance all resources using the Uniform Series.

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