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Summer Quarter 2015
"God's Prophets Demand Justice"

Stan Purdum

Stan Purdum hasa varied career, which includes working as a carpenter, teacher, camp manager,minister, bicycle mechanic, drama director, journalist, writer, and editor. Hehas written and published a wide variety of religious and secular material,including books; Sunday school curriculum; short stories; a how-to guide fornewsletter editors; and a weekly column on family humor in The Bellevue Gazette, a daily newspaper in Bellevue, Ohio.

Stanserved as a full-time parish minister in Ohio for a number of years and retiredrecently after serving part-time as a pastor. He also works as a freelancewriter and editor. He holds an education degree from Youngstown StateUniversity, a master of divinity from Methodist Theological School in Ohio, anda doctorate in ministry from Drew University.

Long an avid bicycle tourist, Stan has ridden several long-distance bike trips, including a cross-nation ride recounted in his book Roll Around Heaven All Day and a trek that covered the entire length of US Route 62, from Niagara Falls, New York, to El Paso, Texas––the subject of his book Playing in Traffic. Stan is also author of New Mercies I See, which is a collection of stories about God's grace, and He Walked in Galilee, a study book on the ministry of Jesus. He writes regularly for Adult Bible Studies and Daily Bible Study.