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 Spring Quarter 2014
"Jesus Fulfilment of Scriptures"

Brian D. Russell

Brian D. Russell serves as dean of the School of Urban Ministries and professor of Biblical Studies on the Orlando (Florida) campus of Asbury Theological Seminary. Brian grew up in Akron, Ohio. He has served as pastor for congregations in Kentucky, Virginia, and Florida.

Brian’s passion is the study of the Old and New Testaments. In addition to training women and men for servant leadership in the church through his work at Asbury, he preaches and teaches frequently in local churches, camp meetings, and conferences around the country. The goal of his ministry is to help others listen to the message of Scripture so that they may appropriate it in their lives and live authentically as disciples of Jesus Christ to the glory of God for the sake of the nations.

Brian is a soccer coach, a guitar player, a lover of healthy food, and an avid reader. He invites you to contact him with questions or comments via e-mail at